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Chapter 2217: Whos more ruthless than who (3)_5

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These were All Saints.

And at this moment, the world did not allow Saints to exist.


In the sky.

Li Haos aura continued to decline, and his body was still cracking.

As he watched the Saints being killed one after another, his smile became even more brilliant.”Interesting How interesting … Why arent you guys devouring energy to cultivate”

Li Hao shouted angrily,”What are you looking at!” Are you all stupid Hurry up, or else heaven and earth will devour all the energy and repair itself!”

Everyone seemed to have woken up from a dream!

All of them were extremely dazed, but they began to absorb energy crazily.

There was too much energy at this moment!

There were too many!

Li Haos voice also came from all directions.””All the cultivators of the new Dao in the world, cultivate together and devour the energy of heaven and earth!”

Even if it was only for a moment, it was enough for them to devour some high-quality energy.

Li Haos aura was still declining.

Very quickly, it only stabilized when the seventh stage of Sun Moon was about to fall.

Not far away, Zheng Yus clone roared repeatedly and shattered countless spatial cracks.

After a while, he led seven or Eight Saints back to the ancient city, and the remaining Saints were all cut up and exploded!

Even the great Dao had been cut off!

The world was compressed!

Even if it was just a small world, it wasnt something Saints could resist.

Perhaps only those at the half-step sovereign realm could hope to resist the compression of the world.

Otherwise, the Saints would have come out long ago!

At this moment, Zheng Yus main body was silently looking at Li Hao!

The losses were extremely heavy!

Of course, it wasnt just him, but also Li Hao himself.

He had actually severed countless DAOs and crippled the great wilderness just to kill these Saints.

This time, 10 Saints had died.

As for the 10 that went out…Would they be able to survive

Perhaps … All of them were gone!

The current heaven and earth could only accommodate the seventh stage of the sun and moon.

Damn it, bastard!

Li Haos smile was extremely bright.”Dont worry.

So many people died this time.

Everyone will become stronger very soon.

The world will be stable, and soon, Saints will be able to fit in again!” Next time, even if I self-destruct, it probably wont be of much use … Because the Heavens Will really hates me this time.

It feels that Ive been tormenting it every time … Next time, it probably wont give me a chance, not even the great Dao … Just this once, dont be afraid, its just a few Saints who died!”

Did some of them die

Zheng Yu did not say a word.

Many, many people died!

A Saint!

The Zheng familys Foundation was all here.

This time, more than half of the Saints had died.

There were less than 10 Saints left in Hurricane city, and there were still a few Heavenly Kings.

However, this strength … Compared to before, how could it be like this in such a short time

Furthermore, the Saints would not be able to leave in a short period of time.

Li Hao had actually given up most of his strength.

‘Damn it!

This should be a period of rapid improvement for him, and he might even reach the second or third level of Dao integration.

But now, Li Hao was at the seventh level of the sun Moon realm, the peak of immortal realm.

Of course, although Li Haos power of great DAOs had collapsed, the Silver Moon martial masters had taken advantage of it.

He had given all the power of his great DAOs to others, and at this moment, those people were all improving rapidly.

Tian Jian and the others were all heading towards the seventh level of the sun Moon realm.

Black Panther, on the other hand, was extremely miserable.

He looked at Li Hao resentfully … He had thought that he would get a great bargain this time, but now he realized that Li Hao was a real dog who only cheated his own people!

No wonder you asked me to do it!

Because it was a demon, it had a strong Constitution.

Coupled with the bloodline of the demon subduing envoy, it could still survive even if heavens will was destroyed … As for the others … They would probably die.

This is a trap!

Feeling the broken Dao Meridian in his body and his extremely weak body, Black Panther felt miserable as drops of dog blood dripped from his body.

He glanced at Li Hao, who was in great pain!

You tricked me again!

Woof! Woof! Woof!

The Black Panthers cry was filled with innocence, pity, and grievance.

Li Hao, on the other hand, looked up at the sky and the moon.

He laughed.

Li daoheng, youve gone in … You probably wont be able to come out for a while.

Heaven and earth were still unable to accommodate Saints.

He then looked at the motionless Hurricane city and Zheng Yu with a bright smile.””Stop looking! Based on the current situation … It would take at most a month or so for it to recover to the extent where it could accommodate a Sage! It was only a temporary break, not a permanent damage! In fact, in essence, the world is still recovering.

So many saints have died and so much energy has been devoured.

It was only temporarily drained by the people of the world … Very soon, it will naturally recover!”

Zheng Yu looked at him coldly.

He knew!

However, even after so many saints had died, he was still angry and helpless.

He said slowly,one month … Can you recover to Sage level again Li Hao, next time, the world will only be more stable.

Youll self-destruct your Dao and meridians.

Can you recover to your current level in a month”

If he couldnt, Li Hao would be finished.

This was also a probing question.

He wanted to know … What gave Li Hao the confidence to do this

To be able to kill so many saints in a single day … Even if Zheng Yu didnt lose his mind, he could still bear with it.

Ying Hongyue was most likely still alive because the seal had not been broken.

However, the remaining Saints … Would most likely not be able to return.

As for the Queen … No one cared about her life or death.

Not only that … If there were also Saints in the other ruins who happened to be spying on something outside and didnt manage to escape in time … They would most likely die!

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