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There was a purple moon in the marsh world.

Lin Yuan decided to take the Moon Empress with him to the marsh world to harvest the purple moon and take control of it.


This would allow the Moon Empress to gain another moon, and her power should increase.

Blood New Moon, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix had said that there were two of the Eight Pages of Tower Canon who would be coming to attend the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection and that three of them were going to kill these two Pages while they were in the Radiance Federation.

It would be a clash of top experts.

Lin Yuan felt that it would benefit the entire situation if the Moon Empress increased her power.

Lin Yuan immediately turned Night Leaning Moons offer down.

“Auntie Night, if there will be a two-day long imperial meeting starting tomorrow, I need to do something with Master tonight.

Once I clinch a spot in the Radiance Hundred Sequence, I will go and have that meal with you.”

Night Leaning Moon did not force Lin Yuan.

She knew that he had to have something important to do if he was going to see the Moon Empress at this juncture.

However, Night Leaning Moon was still uncomfortable.

This Radiance Hundred Sequence selection would bring glory to whoever was chosen.

However, the glory was not without its risks.

Lin Yuan was not even 19 years old, yet he was already going to fight under the watchful gazes of thousands for the sake of the Radiance Federations glory.

All of these young people had done everything they could to improve themselves.

Cicada Song had mentioned that Gao Feng had contracted an impressive sacred source lifeform.

Cicada Song was very pragmatic.

If he praised Gao Fengs sacred source lifeform, it meant that this sacred source lifeform had to be very powerful.

Night Leaning Moon took a deep breath and said, “Once the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection is over, I will prepare all the ingredients and ask You Zhe to prepare a feast for you and Little Jie.”

Night Leaning Moon never excelled at cooking.

In order to cook porridge for the Moon Empress, Night Leaning Moon had sought Chef Supremes tutelage.

In the end, she accidentally set Kitchen Fragrance Palace on fire.


This was the reason for the grudge between Chef Supreme and Night Leaning Moon and why he had not spoken a word to her in five years.

Night Leaning Moon was never going to learn how to cook.

However, You Zhe perfectly made up for this area where she was lacking.

Night Leaning Moon felt that You Zhe might not be as good as Liu Jie, but he did not lose out to Kitchen Fragrance Palace in any way.

After ending the call, Lin Yuan used Node Transportation and sent himself to the edge of the Spirit Guards land.

The Ethereal Jellyfish had reached Diamond X/Legend.

Although it still showed no signs of comprehending a Willpower Rune, the Ethereal Jellyfish already had more than 1,000 tentacles.

When any tentacle was broken off, and an Item-Storing Walnut was used, the Ethereal Jellyfish would be able to grow another one out in two days.

This meant that Lin Yuan could have 2,000 tentacles every two days if he wanted.

With so many tentacles, Lin Yuan would not have to be so frugal with his usage of them.

It could be said that there was no place in the Royal Capital that Lin Yuan could not teleport to.

However, this was the first time that Lin Yuan had come to the Spirit Guards land.

In order to express his respect, he was going to walk in.

There seemed to be no one guarding the Spirit Guards land, but there were actually countless Guard Envoys hiding in the shadows to protect the Spirit Guards land.

These Guard Envoys all recognized Lin Yuan.

If anyone else tried to walk into the Spirit Guards land, they would immediately stop him and investigate him thoroughly,

Lin Yuan realized that there were almost no decorations within the Spirit Guards land.

Everything was designed very minimalistically and was permeated with the smell of metal and blood.

When he walked to the iron bridge, he saw that Night Leaning Moon was waiting for him at the center of the bridge.

The spring breeze was gentle, yet the bridge was swinging violently.

Nonetheless, this did not affect Lin Yuan.

Close Guard Sand appeared by his feet and helped him find balance in accordance with the swinging of the bridge.

Thus, no matter how the bridge swung, Lin Yuan continued to walk as though he was on flat ground.

But even without Close Guard Sand, Lin Yuan would not be afraid.

He had obtained combat skills and fighting strategies after he ate the Muscle Hyperthymesia Grass.

Even if the bridge started swinging ten times more violently, Lin Yuan could continue walking steadily on.

When Lin Yuan drew nearer to Night Leaning Moon, she acted as though she had just seen a junior she was very familiar with.

She gently patted Lin Yuans shoulder and said, “I already informed Little Jie.

However, the side effects of the insect species carcinoma feys left him completely drained of spiritual power.

Hence, he couldnt come out and see you with me.

But by the time you arrive in the Spirit Guards land, he should have recovered.”

Night Leaning Moon did not tell Liu Jie that Lin Yuan would be bringing him something transformative.

All she said was that Lin Yuan was coming to see him.

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