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The question dumbfounded Feng Wu a little.

She blinked.

“I can graduate earlier than scheduled”

Elder Helian seemed confused.

“Why cant you”

Feng Wu said, “I dont think I have enough points.”

Elder Helian adored Feng Wu now because she was the super genius of his school.

The Military Academy didnt have such a student.

He knew Elder Dongfang had made a breakthrough and was now a level higher than he was.

When the genius teenager revealed herself, Elder Dongfang was so shocked that she slipped away.

Because of that, Elder Helian liked Feng Wu even more.

He glanced at Feng Wu and said confidently, “Kiddo, theres something you dont know.

Geniuses have privileges.”

He didnt even care what cultivation level Feng Wu was at.

She was such a talented medicine refiner that he couldnt care about her cultivation level.

She was already a genius!

Feng Wus eyes lit up.

“Can I graduate now”

Why not Elder Helian was about to nod, when Elder Wu whispered something in his ear.

Elder Helian froze.

He couldnt believe his ears.

“Are you kidding me”

How could any new student rise all the way to Class A in less than six months, let alone come here

Elder Helian had met his fair share of geniuses, but none of them was like Feng Wu.

“Its true.” Elder Wu smiled bitterly and took out a school report.

He had brought the report here to show Elder Helian what a genius Imperial College had.

However, Elder Helian saw the girl before Elder Wu could present the school report.

Elder Wu wondered if anybody could outshine the girl.

Elder Helian read the report before looking up at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu kept her back ramrod straight and met his gaze with glowing eyes.

“Elder Helian, can I graduate now”

Elder Helian looked down at the report and read it one more time.

Despite how calm he looked, he was shaken to the core.

“Holy crap!

“Whats going on

“Calling her a genius is an understatement!

“If shes a genius, Chen Ziyun is an idiot!


“Imperial College finally has its own genius!

“His Royal Highness is an honor graduate of both schools, so he doesnt count.

“Feng Wu is our own!”

Elder Helian had been inferior to Elder Dongfang in the past few years.

The families of Dongfang and Helian had competed against each other for generations.

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