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Chapter 112: It Was Her Who Won the Prize

There was a smug look in Xia Qinghans eyes at the mention of Xia Xibei.

“She hasnt signed the contract yet.” She concealed her smugness very quickly, however.

“I told you guys before, you can only sign the contract after gaining your parents approval.

Theres been no response from her up till now.”

Liu Zhijing chortled, “Parents approval Then she might as well forget about it!”

There was no way Xia Xibeis parents would approve of it, let alone give her their signature.

“But that doesnt make a big difference.

Once she turns 18, she can make her own decisions,” Xia Qinghan said.

“Haha,” Tao Yueying sneered, “Shell be far behind you by the time she turns 18.

She wont be able to catch up to you even if she rides a horse!”

“Dont say that, I think shes pretty capable,” Xia Qinghan said.

“Thats an overstatement!” Tao Yueying was very contemptuous.

“You started learning all sorts of skills and talents when you were young.

How could she even compare to you Moreover, youll join the company a half year ahead of her, which is enough to make her lag behind you even more!”

Xia Qinghan found her words very pleasant to the ear.

Still, she replied humbly, “Its hard to say.”

“Whats so hard to say” Liu Zhijing snorted.

“Dont worry, I guarantee that she will be no match for you!”

When she saw the grim, callous look in Liu Zhijings eyes, Xia Qinghan lowered her head to conceal her delight.

There was an unsurpassable distance between her and Xia Xibei.

There was no way Xia Xibei could ever catch up to her!

So what if she did a little better than her in the exams

Once she became a celebrity, Xia Xibei would never be able to keep pace with her.

Even if Xia Xibei did join the company afterwards, it would be useless.

Ss Bai Meixue had told her, the company wasnt a place to fool around at!

That night, Liu Zhijing spoke up in feigned casualty while her family was having dinner.

“Mom, have you heard about the winner at the new hypermarket on Dongfeng Street who won two special prizes”

“Of course I have!”

Liu Zhijings mother, Tian Meiyun, nodded right away, her eyes lighting up.

“Who doesnt know about it!”

It was two special prizes that she had won!

“I heard that it was the same person who won the prizes!” her father, Liu Jiayang, chimed in.

It was a major piece of news!

“Shes so lucky, isnt she!” Tian Meiyun said enviously.

“How I wish we could have hit the jackpot!”

“I even heard that the person didnt want the cars, but had it converted to cash instead.” Liu Jiayang seemed to know even more than Tian Meiyun did.

“It still makes people envious, whether it was converted to cash or not…” Tian Meiyun mused.

“Do you know who won the prizes” Liu Zhijing asked.

“I heard that it was a high school girl,” Tian Meiyun replied.

“In fact, we know that person.”

“Huh” Tian Meiyun and Liu Jiayang were both taken aback.

“We do”

“Yes, we do,” Liu Zhijing nodded.

“It cant be someone next door, can it” The two of them exchanged glances.

If it was their neighbor who had won the prizes, it would have roused a great deal of hubbub by now.

“No,” Liu Zhijing shook her head, “Its Xia Xibei, my uncle-in-laws daughter.”

“What!” The two of them were deeply shocked.

“You arent mistaken, are you”

They didnt have much of an impression of Xia Xibei.

All that they remembered about her was having met her once when Xia Shahai got married the last time, but they hadnt had any interaction with her since then.

If Liu Zhijing hadnt brought the topic up, they wouldnt even have thought of her!

“Of course not!” Liu Zhijing exclaimed, looking firm and steadfast.

“My friends father is the manager of that hypermarket, and it was him who converted the cars into cash for Xia Xibei! She earned over 400 thousand yuan from the two cars!”

“Over 400 thousand!” the two of them gasped.


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