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Chapter 138: Golden Retriever Fighting for Favor

Ren Juncheng looked at Tang Luo, smiling in surprised delight.

“Thats great! We can get each others number and talk about it later!”

“Sure,” Tang Luo smiled, then took out his phone to save his number.

As the three of them chatted with the cat by the side, the streetlights around them lit up.

Many people began to show up at the square.

After having dinner, people enjoyed taking a leisurely stroll here to aid digestion.

Quite a number of them even brought their pets from home.

A lot of cats and dogs strolled past, pausing for a while when they passed by Xia Xibei before walking on when their owners called out to them.

When Xia Xibei wasnt using her spiritual power, animals wouldnt usually notice the problem with her.

There were exceptions, however.

Smart little animals like Honey could sense her uniqueness right away.

“Asura! Stand right there!”

A furious yell sounded out from not too far away.

People couldnt help but turn to find out what was going on, startled by the scene before them.

A big golden retriever was sprinting with a rope dangling from its neck, looking very aggressive and ready to charge.

Had it gone mad

Some people screamed.

If the dog was mad, it would be very troublesome to handle.

However, the golden retrieved did not launch an attack on anyone.

Instead, it was running steadily in a specific direction.

“Asura! Where are you going! Come back!” Its owners anxious shouts came from behind.

The golden retriever did not seem to hear him, continuing to run forward instead.

When it saw a particular figure, its eyes shone, and it sped up.

“Quick, quick! Get out of the way!”

People shrieked in fright at the sides.

Mad dogs were terrifying indeed.

Even with all the worried, horrified stares pinned on it, the golden retriever ran all the way to Xia Xibei before stopping dead in its tracks.

If it had been a car, you might even have heard the screeching sound of it coming to a halt!


The plump boy ran to them from behind, panting heavily.

He was stunned by what was happening.

His clever, gorgeous, adorable golden retriever was lying on the ground, exposing its soft, fluffy belly!

It was huffing, its tongue stuck out and its tail wagging in excitement.

Ren Juncheng was speechless.

He found the scene eerily familiar!


The golden retriever barked at Xia Xibei, its eyes focused directly on her.

It was all ready, come on! Dont be afraid to trample… Oops, no, stroke its fur!

“Asura! Get up now!” The boy was out of breath at this point.

How he wished he could pull his dog up and give it a good beating! What in the world was it doing!

At that moment, he finally understood why people called fawners dogs.

His Asura was very clever.

It understood many instructions and responded quickly.

It became sleek and shiny under their careful care, definitely a beauty among dogs, all elegant and chivalrous!

They usually enjoyed taking it out and showing it off to other people.

However, what on earth was wrong with this dog at the moment, making it cling onto the girl right now!

No way! This was his doggo!

Asura couldnt care less about his owner as it barked once again at Xia Xibei, its voice clearly much more affectionate than before.

Ren Juncheng still had no words to say.

This scene was unbelievable!

The next moment, however, Honey broke out in fury and took off from his arms.

“Meow!” it shrieked in a shrill voice, jumping onto Asuras belly.

Before Asura could react, Honey scratched it with its claws.

‘How dare you fight for her favor! it seemed to be saying.





Voices broke out and chaos ensued.


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