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Chapter 423: Cant Repay Kindness with Evil

After having someone send Xia Xibei away, only then did Jiang Liran turn around to look at Jiang Yuran.

“Who in the world is she”

Xia Xibei had astonished him way too much today.

How did a young girl like her have such a high attainment in traditional medicine!

Jiang Liran still remembered how Xia Xibei had injected the needle.

Neither the way she was so decisive and straightforward when pushing the needle in nor her skilled techniques were something that could be acquired in just one or two years.

Later on, he was rather hesitant when Xia Xibei requested to collaborate with them.

Nevertheless, Xia Xibei had just saved his life.

It would take at least a seven-digit sum if converted to money—his life was certainly worth that much.

Furthermore, it was equivalent to Xia Xibei investing the seven-digit remuneration she received in the BiDu Cab Service project.

Jiang Liran had never been a stingy person, so he consented to her request decisively.

At first, Jiang Liran only thought of it as a sum of money he had paid Xia Xibei.

What he did not expect was that she would turn out to have such brilliant views on the project!

Looking at the papers on the table and the matters written on them which should be addressed, Jiang Liran couldnt appease the lingering fascination in him.

Their team had been actively discussing the project in an attempt to sort things out, but they hadnt come up with any practical solutions to the problems so far.

However, Xia Xibei had them all at her fingertips!

Apart from that, she had even raised lots of enlightening ideas!

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that Xia Xibei was profound and unfathomable.

Jiang Liran grabbed his younger brother, and questioned him with a serious face, “Tell me honestly, how old is she exactly It must be just her face that looks young, right Shes actually in her fifties or sixties already, right”

After all, most prestigious doctors looked young because they knew the proper ways to keep themselves fit.

Jiang Yuran yelled with his collar in his brothers grasp, which was almost suffocating him, “Cant you tell Shes still a highschool student!”

“A highschool student!”

Jiang Liran froze, and Jiang Yuran seized the chance to break free from his grasp.

“Yea,” Jiang Yuran nodded, “I think shes only seventeen this year, if Im not mistaken.

Shes not an adult yet anyway.”

If she were an adult, Qiao Yanjue would have made his move by now.

Jiang Liran was petrified.

Seventeen Just what kind of devil was she

He only came back to his senses after a good while.

“You said… Shes with Qiao Yanjue”

“Big Qiao likes her.” Jiang Yuran couldnt help but laugh like a villain upon bringing that up.

“But the little girl doesnt seem to like him, so hes just secretly in love!”

As far as he was concerned, that was the funniest joke in the world!

Who would have expected things like that to happen to Qiao Yanjue!

Jiang Liran was equally stunned.

However, he felt that it was quite normal when he thought of the magical things that Xia Xibei was capable of.

Who wouldnt like such an intelligent, devilish young lady

As he thought of that, he turned to look at Jiang Yuran all of a sudden.

Jiang Yuran felt goosebumps breaking out all over him as his brother stared at him for a good while.

“Brother, what do you wanna say”

Jiang Liran suddenly shook his head and sighed with a contemptuous look on his face, “Forget it, you dont deserve her.”

Jiang Yuran was befuddled.

He hit the roof, insisting, “Hold on! What did you mean!”

Was this even his own brother! What did he mean he didnt deserve her!

Jiang Liran shot him an extremely disdainful look, “Too bad, shes my savior.

I cant repay her kindness with evil.”

He grabbed the papers on the table and left after he finished talking.

Jiang Yuran was shocked.

Damn it! This really was his own freaking brother!

Meanwhile, the driver was dropping Xia Xibei at a high-end shopping complex near her residential area.

Liu Manhong had just sent her a message, asking her out for shopping.

Yes, you heard right.

It was 9 oclock at night, and Liu Manhong was still shopping and buying clothes.

However, apart from Liu Manhong, Xia Xibei also happened to run into some other “acquaintances.”


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