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Chapter 445: Shocking Reversal

Wait, what

Did they read it wrong, or did the crew send out the wrong news

Shouldnt Nie Zehai be kicked out Why was it Gu Qiang

Things were so clear and obvious, so why was the result like this

[Is Nie Zehai covering up the whole thing Its outrageous!]

However, before their anger could fully erupt, Nie Zehais blog and the companys official blog both sent out a lawyers letter at the same time, both with intent to sue Gu Qiang for defamation and slander.

The audience didnt know what to say.

It felt like the drama was escalating.

This time, they didnt have to wait long.

Soon, two video links appeared on Nie Zehais blog.

[Heres the evidence you asked for.]

Everyone froze for a moment, then quickly clicked on the video.

The first video was shot in a dressing room and was likely taken with a cell phone, as it was not as clear as a professional camera.

The door rang, Nie Zehai went to open the door and Gu Qiang came in.

Because of the angle, in the video, Gu Qiang could be seen smiling at Nie Zehai with great enthusiasm and charm.

She said that she wanted to discuss the previous shoot with him.

However, when she looked up and saw a surveillance monitor in the corner, she decisively left.

This video made everyone mutter and think.

Here, Gu Qiang looked very enthusiastic, her eyes looked as if she wanted to eat Nie Zehai.

This… Was completely different from Gu Qiangs previous accusation!

With this idea in mind, everyone clicked on the second video.

The second video was several minutes long.

This time, the location had changed to a hotel room.

Nie Zehai opened the door again and couldnt help but stare.

“Its you”

Gu Qiang was neatly dressed.

She smiled at him and strode in with big steps, closing the door with her hand.

“Am I not welcome”

Nie Zehai let her in before he could react.

“What do you want” Nie Zehai asked, his face visibly darkening.

“I dont want anything, I just wanted to discuss something with you.” Gu Qiang threw a wink at him.

“We can talk about whatever it is tomorrow, now please get out!” Nie Zehai wanted to push her out.

“Dont get so emotional!” She dodged Nie Zehais shove and her smile became even more sultry.

“I came here with great sincerity.”

“Get out!” Nie Zehai shouted with a sullen face.

Gu Qiang ripped open her collar, her smile deepening.

“Dont be like this, I really am sincere.” She leaned over and exhaled in a whisper, “I think youre amazing… Ouch!”

As Nie Zehai turned, she almost fell, stumbling as she almost hit the wall.

“Nie Zehai!” She was a little annoyed, “Youre going too far!”

Nie Zehais jaw dropped.

How dare she say such a thing! Who was going too far!

“Im warning you, dont force me to do it!”

“Do it” Gu Qiangs eyes lit up.

“Come on!”

Her voice was wobbly and the video couldnt help but shake.

It was probably due to the shaking hand of the person filming.

The audience outside the video couldnt help but shake.

Nie Zehai was infuriated by Gu Qiangs shamelessness.

“Get the hell out of here or Ill call someone!”

“Call someone Its okay, go ahead and call.

Theres only me and you in the room.

Who will they believe” Gu Qiang smiled even wider, but her hands were tearing at her clothes.

“What do you want” Nie Zehais eyes widened.

“Youre crazy!”

Gu Qiang raised her eyebrows, “Im not crazy, Im normal.”

As she said these words, she gave herself a slap.

The slap was so loud that everyone watching shook again.

This was too harsh!

In a moment, red swelling appeared on Gu Qiangs face, while her clothes were also torn into a mess.



Before Nie Zehai could finish talking, she screamed, opened the door, and rushed out.


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