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Chapter 461: The Main Culprit

How could Brother Hao not hate Zheng Xiaowen to the core

If not for Zheng Xiaowen, he wouldnt had ended up in such a predicament!

While getting escorted back here just now, he heard a genderless voice out of nowhere.

“If you didnt strike ahead of time just now, I wouldnt even be suspicious of you.”

His heart thumped wildly upon hearing that, and his face fell dramatically.

When he turned to look, however, there was no one there.

Chaos was present all around him, so he couldnt even identify who the talker was.

Nevertheless, the words had left an impact on him.

According to the voices owner, he wouldnt have roused any suspicion if he hadnt sent someone to frame Xia Xibeis squad, and things wouldnt have turned out this way!

Why did he do that, then

Yes! It was Zheng Xiaowen! It was all because of her!

He wouldnt have made a move if Zheng Xiaowen hadnt vented her grievances to him, telling him that Yu Ziqi and the others had bullied her.

Even though he could have used this opportunity to divert the cops attention… He didnt make it, did he

The more Brother Hao pondered over it, the more it terrified him.

Why did the kids leave so suddenly They must have found out that something was off!

He didnt think it was Xia Xibeis squad who spilled the beans, but it might have been his reckless move that gave the word away.

So it was no surprise that his whereabouts were tracked down.

Brother Hao was so mad that he almost went up in flames as he thought of that.

It was Zheng Xiaowen who got him into this mess!

That was why he exposed Zheng Xiaowen right as he got here.

How could the main culprit be roaming out there while he was locked up in here

There was no way Zheng Xiaowen would know that she had become the main culprit as far as Brother Hao was concerned.

At the moment, she couldnt even afford to think about Yu Ziqi and Xia Xibei anymore.

What awaited her was a tragic future.

However, no one else was to be blamed for her plight but herself.

She truly was the main culprit of this entire happening.

If Zheng Xiaowen hadnt incited Brother Hao to set them up, Xia Xibei wouldnt have discovered Brother Haos identity.

Xia Xibei had met Brother Hao in her past life—he was a wanted criminal indicted for drug-related crimes.

Later on, a handful of cops arrested him, causing a great deal of casualties as a result.

It created quite a splash.

That was why Xia Xibei hadnt forgotten Brother Hao.

The havoc this time only reminded her of Brother Haos identity.

Therefore, she decided to tail Brother Hao after sending the others home, and managed to send him to jail ahead of time, thus forestalling casualties among the cops.

As for Zheng Xiaowen, she was better off going to jail with him.

Hopefully, Zheng Xiaowen would quit finding fault with them after spending a few years in prison.

Much to Xia Xibeis surprised, however, not only was the matter far from over, it even gave rise to more problems.

The next day, Qiao Yanjues phone rang while they were having a meal together.

A string of woes came through right as he picked up the call, “Yanjue, youve got to help Zhikun!”

Xia Xibei saw Qiao Yanjues smile vanish and his eyes turn icy.

“Third sister, what happened”

Qiao Zhiqing did not notice his coldness on the other end, instead bawling, “I just got a call saying that Zhikun was arrested for being involved in some drug-related crimes! Thats just not possible! He must have been falsely accused! I cant go back in time as Im abroad at the moment.

You happen to be in City G, right Help me sort things out, could you…”

“Drug-related crimes” Qiao Yanjues expression turned even colder.

“Its all fake!” Qiao Zhiqing was crying her heart out.

“Zhikun is a good child! Hes still so young, how would he even commit such crimes! Youve gotta help him! Hes your nephew!”

“Ill go take a look,” Qiao Yanjue gave a brief reply before hanging up the call.


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