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Chapter 561: Saved Two People

Xia Xibei came to the imperial capital to participate in the English competition, and after it was over, she wanted to go out for a bit.

She had been to the imperial capital several times in her previous life, but each time she came and went in a hurry, with no time to enjoy the sights.

Now that she was here, she should check it out.

Not wanting to join the others, she walked out alone.

Unexpectedly, when she reached a quiet intersection, she saw a car rush out from the side and move towards two oblivious people not far away from her!

This scene caused others to scream in alarm, while her scalp tightened.

She did not have time to react, simply rushing out in a flash.

The two people on the side, linked arm in arm, were stunned by the cars movements.

When the car was about to rush over and hit them, a sudden strong force came from behind and pulled them away.

They stumbled backwards and almost fell to the ground.


The car hit the stone pillar behind them with a loud bang and its front end deflated, emitting white smoke.

Passersby screamed, and the scene instantly became chaotic.

Xia Xibei pulled the two people back, but still got sprayed by the cars hot air.

Her face was grim when she saw the distance.

The car was less than half a meter away from them!

Seeing the force of the car, if they did not dodge it…

The person in the car had fallen forward on the steering wheel.

It seemed as if the impact was quite big.

Two tall men rushed out from the back.

One went to see what was going on in the car, while the other rushed over to them, sounding anxious.

“Maam, are you okay”

“Im fine…”

“Im fine too…”

The two women then came back to their senses, and cold sweat broke out on their foreheads.

They turned around, and after seeing Xia Xibei, they couldnt help but be surprised.

This young woman was so beautiful!

She was the one who saved them

Xia Xibei also slowly came to her senses.

Looking at the two elegant socialites in front of her, her head was still a bit blank.

“Young lady, thank you!” The slightly taller of the women smiled gratefully at Xia Xibei.

“If it wasnt for you…”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” The other woman was also grateful, still in shock.

Both of them looked like they were in their forties, but Xia Xibei knew that they were definitely older than that.

Looking at their temperament and clothes, and their bodyguards, they should be rich ladies.

Rich ladies, a suddenly charging car… Xia Xibei immediately had a conspiracy theory.

Not only did she have a conspiracy theory, the others obviously also thought of this too.

Not long after, the man who went over to check the situation came back with a serious face.

“The driver was drunk driving.”

Was it just a simple DUI Was it a coincidence

Everyone thought of this question, but they did not continue the discussion.

“Call the police to deal with it.”

In fact, they did not need to say it.

Some passersby had already called the police.

A little while later, a police car came over, sirens blaring.

Leaving a bodyguard to explain the situation to the police, the two rich ladies pulled Xia Xibeis hand to prevent her from leaving.

“Young lady, if it werent for you, we would have been in trouble today!”

“Exactly! You cant just walk away! You have to give us a chance to thank you!”

Xia Xibei was pulled by one of them on each side, unable to break free.

She had a speechless expression as she said, “You do not have to be so polite…”

“What do you mean by polite!” They looked at her in surprise.

“You have saved our lives!”

If they were hit by a car, even if they did not die on the spot, they would have suffered serious injuries!

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