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Chapter 703: Protect Yourself

Fortunately, Liu Manhong didnt continue to criticize Qiao Yanjue.

Her tone changed and she became serious, “Anyway, you are already a grownup and you understand things, so I cant control you.”

She looked at Xia Xibei with a gentle expression.

“Beibei, no matter what you do, protecting yourself is the most important thing.”

She added, “Whether its a career, relationships, or health, you have to protect yourself.”

Xia Xibei was not a child.

Naturally, she understood Liu Manhongs meaning, and nodded, “Sister Hong, dont worry.

I understand.”

Liu Manhong knew that Xia Xibei was not an ordinary girl.

Surely she knew how to protect herself, so she did not say too much.

If one said too many words, it was not appropriate.

She looked at Qiao Yanjue again.

“Beibei is still young, take it easy.

Also, make sure you take care of your familys affairs.”

“I know.” Qiao Yanjue wasnt angry, as he knew that Liu Manhong wanted what was best for them.

“Okay, lets go down to eat.

I ordered a big meal today.”

Liu Manhong took the lead and stood up, bringing King Chu towards the door.

At the back, Qiao Yanjue said seriously to Xia Xibei, “Dont worry, Ill take care of everything.”

“Ok.” Xia Xibei nodded her head and smiled.

“I trust you.”

Qiao Yanjue had things he needed to take care of, and she would do what she needed to do.

Liu Manhong had ordered a big dinner to celebrate Xia Xibeis return.

At the table, Liu Manhong rolled her eyes a lot.

Qiao Yanjue had been nice enough to Xia Xibei before, and now that the two of them had confirmed their relationship, they were even sweeter.

Before, there was a bit of restraint.


Looking at the twos undisguised interaction, Liu Manhong rolled her eyes and lowered her head to eat her own meal.

King Chu did not notice the problem, whimpering with its front paws on Xia Xibeis knees.

It wanted to jump into her arms.

“Sit stil,” Qiao Yanjue said in a cold voice.


King Chu simply ignored him, desperately pushing itself into Xia Xibeis arms.

Qiao Yanjues face darkened.

“Okay, sit down first.

Ill play with you later.”

Finally, it was Xia Xibei who spoke up.

King Chu reluctantly went to the side to lie down, his big eyes looking at them pathetically, as if about to cry.

Sister went out for a while, and she didnt even love it anymore when she came back!

Looking at its pitiful appearance, Qiao Yanjue was unmoved, becoming upset instead.

“Dont spoil it.”

Xia Xibei glanced at him in amusement, “How am I spoiling it I think its you Im spoiling, right”

Qiao Yanjue and Liu Manhong were both left speechless.

“Ahem!” Liu Manhong really couldnt help it.

“Eat properly!”

“Alright,” Xia Xibei smiled and ate obediently.

After eating, King Chu immediately walked over and circled around Xia Xibei.

Qiao Yanjue looked at the silly dog with gloomy eyes, wanting to drive it out.

King Chu stood still, unaffected by his death glare.

Qiao Yanjue felt that this scene… It seemed a little familiar

Xia Xibei did not care about the battle between the man and the dog.

She sat on the sofa, holding King Chu while rubbing its hair and belly.

King Chu was caressed so comfortably that its eyes narrowed and it grunted from time to time.

Qiao Yanjue looked so jealous.

He couldnt wait to be the one being touched.

Xia Xibei looked up and met his hot eyes, suddenly touching his stomach.

Qiao Yanjue shuddered and almost jumped up, moving quickly to grab her hand.

Liu Manhong, who just walked over, was shocked.

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