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Chapter 848: Hair Growth Water

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“Sister Hong, they are…”

Xia Xibei actually knew the identity of the three men, but she could not say that she knew them to Liu Manhong.

“All of them are bastards! Snakes and rats! Smelly bastards!” Liu Manhong rolled her eyes.

Luckily, her mood was not affected too much.

“The greasy man I just kicked is Zou Zheng, my damn ex-husband.

One is Qiao Weiyue, Yanjues older brother.

The last man is Wan Xianyao, Yu Lanxiangs husband.”

Liu Manhong tsked and shook her head, “How did these bastards get together”

However, these three men knew each other before, so it was normal that they would get together now.

They just didnt expect that they would meet up in G City, and it was such a coincidence that they ran into each other.

Except for Wan Xianyao, Zou Zheng and Qiao Weiyue should both be in other cities, so why did they suddenly come here

“That bastard Zou Zheng is really ugly! I almost stabbed my eyes just now! Luckily, I dumped him back then.

Otherwise, itd be really horrible to have to face his bald head and gut now!” Liu Manhong griped with a sense of relief.

When Zou Zheng was caught cheating on her, he was actually not that bad-looking.

She didnt think time would be so brutal, turning a good-looking man into a greasy dude!

Luckily she dumped him already.

Otherwise, shed be disgusted to death by now!

“Oh yes, we can also develop hair growth water!”

One minute, Liu Manhong was still complaining about Zou Zhengs horrific looks, but the next minute, she changed the topic abruptly to hair growth water.

“Beibei, do you have a formula for hair growth water I think this is a good business idea!”

Nowadays, so many people suffered from hair loss and were at risk for losing hair.

Even young people were starting to lose their hair!

If there was an effective hair growth potion, the sales would be great!

The corner of Xia Xibeis mouth twitched in response to Liu Manhongs question.

“Ill go back and look.

There should be one.”

“Thats great.

I think there is profit here!”

While saying that, she continued to drive.

As for the run-in with Zou Zheng, she had pushed it to the back of her mind.

As long as he didnt appear in front of her, she could assume he was dead.

What was there to care about with dead people

Liu Manhong did not speak, and Xia Xibei was also silent, feeling suspicious.

Just now, when Liu Manhong was arguing with the men, she didnt say anything.

She just stood aside and watched, so she noticed something.

Qiao Weiyue was carrying a leather case of a certain size.

This would have been nothing, as the case itself was not remarkable.

However, Xia Xibei felt an aura from inside the case.

It was the kind of aura with a killer vibe.

And this kind of aura… It generally only appeared in excavated artifacts.

This made Xia Xibei curious.

What were they doing with this

Moreover, these three men together were certainly up to no good!

That night, she received a message from Gou Yi.

She also confirmed her previous guesses while looking at the photos sent to her.

Although a bit distant, she could see that the object in the case was indeed an ancient relic!

It was a rare bronze! Surprisingly, it was a bronze!

Freshly unearthed bronze was not a commodity that could be circulated freely in the market!

Thinking of this, she immediately called Tang Luo.

“I need your help.”

Tang Luo sounded helpless.

“I also have something I need help with.”

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