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Chapter 891: Sisters

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Chang Qianzis heart jumped as she reflexively looked at the two, surprised to find that the two did look alike!

There were a few similarities between their eyebrows and eyes, and their expressions were the same.

This made her heart sink.

“Of course, we look like each other!” Bai Meixue was quick to respond.

“I adore Hanhan so much because we look alike! Its destined!”

She took Xia Qinghans hand and laughed, “I think a director will soon hire us for a mother-daughter drama.

We look like mother-daughter!”

Xia Qinghan also reacted and laughed, “Auntie Xue, you look so young! We should be doing a sister scene!”

She looked at Chang Qianzi with a pitiful expression, “If mom had also entered the entertainment industry, we could play three sisters! Triplets!”

Chang Qianzi was amused by her, “Youre silly… Three sisters!”

“Yes!” Xia Qinghan smiled wryly.

“You look so young!”

She pretended to sigh, “Women like you, who have experience and maturity and still look young, are the most popular! A girl like me cant compete!”

Chang Qianzi was chagrined by her words, “Kid, stop making jokes about me!”

“How could I be joking” Xia Qinghan took her hand and shook it, “We all think so! Xibei, what do you think Its true, isnt it”

Xia Qinghan smiled and stared at Xia Xibei, but she was cold inside.

Did she find out what was going on

Xia Xibei smiled, “Yes, indeed! Auntie you look so young! You look just like sisters standing together!”

Seeing that Chang Qianzi was appeased, Xia Qinghan didnt want anything more to happen and hurriedly said, “Mom, Im hungry.”

“Youre hungry” Chang Qianzi was immediately anxious and all her previous thoughts were forgotten.

“Then lets go eat! What a child you are, talking about losing weight and not eating.

Wont you starve yourself!”

“Okay, lets go eat,” Bai Meixue also said.

“Okay, lets go.”

“See you later,” Xia Xibei smiled and waved at them, watching them take Chang Qianzi away.

“What are you plotting” Pan Yan came over and asked with a frown.

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“Plotting” Xia Xibei looked innocent and pure.

“I was just saying hello to them!”

Pan Yan gave her a blank look, “Do you really think Im blind”

Xia Qinghan and Bai Meixues faces had been turning white.

“Then what do you think Im doing” Xia Xibei asked innocently.

Pan Yan couldnt help but roll his eyes at her, “Forget it, I wont mind you.

Lets go!”

How did he know what this girl was up to

Xia Xibei was getting more and more popular now, but she was also relatively more capricious and casual.

If others had such popularity, they would be showing their faces everywhere.

Popular artists were very busy and tired, flying all over the world.

They even had no time to sleep.

However, people were willing to put forth such exertion.

After all, it represented popularity and income.

Xia Xibei, with her popularity, should be busier than those people.

She should take advantage of these opportunities to show her face everywhere and stabilize her standing.

However, she was always taking time off! She said she had things to do!

What was more incredible was that the companys president was Qiao Yanjue!

Pan Yan only recently found out about this, and was dumbfounded!

Qiao Yanjue was Xia Xibeis boyfriend, so naturally she was allowed to do as she pleased..

He was just a small agent, there was no way he could refuse, so he could only let her have her way.

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