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Chapter 423 - Hard to Believe, Right

Fugallo's pupils shuddered as he came to a realization.

Alice hadn't attacked him with Burning Star alone.

Instead, she had simultaneously used two taboos, hiding the second taboo within her Burning Star.

Hence, after his Chaos Barrier stopped Alice's Burning Star, Alice's second taboo revealed itself.

However, Fugallo still couldn't bring himself to believe this situation.

Taboos required precision calculations and control over mana.

Setting aside taboos with persisting effects, such as Demon King's Shadow and Dragon's Shadow, it shouldn't be possible to use two taboos simultaneously.

Even if Alice had the mental capabilities to support two taboos, her body shouldn't be capable of supporting two different mana circulation systems to create two different taboos at the same time.

This situation was already going against the common sense of this world.

In reality, there weren't any inaccuracies in Fugallo's thoughts.

Alice did not have the ability to simultaneously cast two taboos with her body.

Instead, the second taboo wrapped in her Burning Star was activated via the white panties' active skill, "Purification Blade."

The active skills of panties might have destructive power above taboos, but it didn't cost Alice any mana to use them.

She simply needed to mentally choose to activate these skills, and they would immediately take effect against her enemies.

Hence, while casting Burning Star, Alice chose to activate her panties' active skill, achieving the effect where it looked like she had simultaneously cast two taboos.

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Not good… I can't make it in time.

Although Fugallo had realized the problem he faced, his misjudgment had cost him the opportunity to take evasive maneuvers.

Moreover, because he had just used Chaos Barrier, his mana pool was currently in a temporary deficit state, and it'd be impossible for him to cast another defensive taboo.

The next moment, a holy light devoured the Chaos Barrier that Burning Star's explosion had already weakened.

Then, under Fugallo's horrified gaze, the holy light enveloped his body.

Subsequently, the holy light exploded.

Originally, the holy light had given off a sacred and cleansing feeling.

At this moment, however, the holy light tried to eliminate everything it came into contact with, its destructiveness reaching a level far beyond that of even Burning Star.

It also created a loud explosion that could be heard from far away.

Although Andusia was hovering in the air, she could clearly feel that the ground and the air in the area were trembling because of the white light.

The shattered trees enveloped by the white light also ignited and turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

In addition, Andusia could feel incredibly dense residual light mana spreading from down below.

Though, she couldn't help but feel that it was a little inappropriate to consider what she sensed as "residual mana." This was because some taboos on the weaker side didn't even need such dense mana to cast.

If even the residual mana was so ridiculously dense, it wasn't hard to imagine that a ridiculous amount of mana had gone into powering this taboo.

The destructive power the taboo possessed should also be at an absurd level.

Andusia dared to say that this was one of the strongest offensive-type taboos she had seen thus far.

If she were to equate ordinary light magic with a burner, then the light taboo Alice just used was akin to the sun.

Even the residual flames of this sun were vastly stronger than the burner's flames.

What… What is this taboo

The corners of Andusia's mouth twitched when she saw the destruction caused by Alice's attack.

Although she vaguely knew that Alice had an ace up her sleeve, she didn't think Alice's trump card could cause such large-scale destruction.

Originally, Andusia thought Alice would use her special ability to salvage the situation.

However, Alice had done more than just salvage the situation.

The light taboo Alice just used had thoroughly turned the tables on Fugallo.

Roughly ten seconds later, the white light finally dissipated.

Sure enough, Alice's Purification Blade had devastated the forest outside of Haydn's mansion.

At the epicenter of the explosion, not even ashes could be seen.

Purification Blade had "purified" everything near the epicenter, leaving behind only a barren plot of land.

Even the tree stumps and roots were not spared.

Farther away from the explosion's epicenter, although the trees there were not vaporized, they were still reduced to tiny wood chips.

And even farther away from the epicenter, trees could be seen split into logs that could barely be used as firewood.

Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that the wood magic in this world could be used to create forests, Alice would have most likely been prosecuted for being an environmental terrorist.

However, rather than the mass deforestation, what surprised Alice and Andusia more was the sight of Fugallo kneeling in the region covered in wood chips.

Although Fugallo had evidently suffered heavy damage from Alice's Purification Blade, the taboo had failed to kill him.

Currently, Fugallo was around 20 meters away from Alice and Andusia.

With Alice's and Andusia's eyesight, they could see clearly see the injuries he had sustained.

Meanwhile, the reason Fugallo was kneeling was because of his thoroughly broken left leg.

A significant portion of his left leg's skin and flesh was gone, revealing multiple fractured bones.

With the current state of his left leg, it was unlikely Fugallo could continue using it.

Aside from his left leg, Fugallo also had his clothes incinerated, and extensive burns covered his body.

There were also multiple bone-deep wounds on his body.

At first glance, it looked like he had just been fished out of a pool of sulfuric acid.

If not for his vitality as a Demon King, he would have long since died after having suffered such severe injuries.

"What...was that move" Fugallo asked in disbelief when he sensed Alice and Andusia looking at him.

At this time, Fugallo's void sounded a little hoarse, probably because Purification Blade also damaged his vocal cords.

However, he could still barely use it.

So, after struggling to raise his disfigured face to look at Alice, he asked, "What did you do just now"

Fugallo was certain Alice must have used some sort of trick.

Otherwise, there was no way she could have so easily unleashed such a terrifying light taboo, much less cast it together with Burning Star.

What Alice just did completely defied common sense.

Even if Heroes and Demon Kings were extraordinary existences in the eyes of the average person, it should still be impossible for them to accomplish such a feat.

"Ah, about that…"

Alice awkwardly scratched her head when she heard Fugallo's question.

However, after seeing Fugallo's practically ruined body, she pondered for a moment before deciding to let Fugallo know the cause of his downfall.

Subsequently, under Fugallo's gaze, Alice opened the cloth pouch by her waist and spent roughly half a minute rummaging in it.

Then, she eventually pulled out a pair of white panties and held it up to Fugallo:

"It's this thing."

Fugallo was briefly stunned when he saw the white panties in Alice's right hand.

Then, his face darkened, thinking Alice was trying to humiliate him by playing a joke.

However, before he could open his mouth to utter an angry curse, he saw a blinding white light coming from Alice's right hand.

It was the same white light that he saw after his Chaos Barrier had blocked Alice's Burning Star.

When Alice saw the dumbfounded look on Fugallo's face, she couldn't help but pity him a little.

It would seem that Fugallo was having a hard time accepting the fact that he had just been defeated by a pair of panties.



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